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Realize your sky high aspirations with enhanced controls

Increased awareness has resulted in significant changes in the life sciences industry and has created a demand for safer, improved and affordable healthcare products. The focus has slowly moved from illness treatment to wellness care with a need for personalized care.

KA SAP Solution' life sciences solutions offer innovative technology, business and outsourcing solutions across the value chain.

Client Challenges

  • Improving outcomes and quality of treatments
  • Managing business despite declining revenues and increasing competition
  • Dealing with rising R&D costs
  • Shortening product development cycle and reducing time to market
  • Adhering to stringent and constantly evolving safety and regulatory requirements

What KA SAP Solution Provides

To be successful, organizations need to utilize all available resources such as information, finances, technology, material and people, efficiently and effectively.

Our life sciences division offers innovative technology, business and outsourcing solutions across the value chain for life sciences organizations helping them in their transformation. Our offerings include the following:

  • Solutions for accelerating drug discovery
  • New device design and development services
  • Hospital management solutions
  • Payer modernization solutions
  • Information Technology (IT) and IS services
  • Business Analytics

Business Value

Our collaboration with the world's leading life sciences organizations for over two decades in diverse geographies helps us leverage this experience to enable you to address current challenges and meet future business requirements in an efficient, planned and cost-effective manner.

Our life sciences solutions will enable you to achieve the following:

  • Enhanced R&D productivity
  • Reduction in time-to-market for a new drug / device and improvement in supply chain efficiencies
  • Accurate diagnostics and quality treatments
  • Accurate reimbursements
  • Cost-effective and efficient operations

Our R&D labs, Technology Excellence Groups (TEG) and Process Excellence Groups (PEG) constantly work in collaboration with project teams to provide better solutions and deployments. Our clients benefit from our Co-Innovation (COIN) labs, which bring the best brains together with the intention of creating innovative solutions for complex business challenges.