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The online world has witnessed an upsurge in the last few years. Media industry sectors are presently characterized by an ongoing revolution. This revolution might also be considered as the harbinger of future business operations. Supply chains are being re-thought, products and services reconfigured, and business models revamped--- a rapidly altering business landscape that incorporates interactivity and continuous innovation due to ever changing demands of the internet generation.

Digital Consumer Experience simply defined, is the synthesis of all the interactions, an actual or potential customer has with a business (from the advertising that precedes direct interaction, through post sale follow up and repeat purchases). Changing consumer demands is leading to shift in revenues from traditional streams to new media, and to succeed in such an environment organizations need to innovate on products and business models.

KA SAP Solutions contribution

A clearly defined value proposition is of great significance to make an e-Business successful. At KA SAP Solutions, we understand 'who' our customers are, what they 'value' and look forward to 'deliver' the expected value. Our integrated solutions portfolio, partner ecosystem, and decades of experience have transformed content value chain of our media customers globally. We are uniquely positioned to enable your organization sail through.

We have partnered with our media customers for new content product launches, enhanced consumer experience, scaled customer base, creating new revenue streams and saving up to 30% on operational costs.